By law, all state owned companies & ministries must tender projects through CAPT (Central Agency for Public Tenders). International companies interested to participate in such tenders must have a local Kuwaiti company as a local sponsor. UGETCO provides complete support to International Engineering, Procurement & Construction companies interested in bidding government tenders & executing contracts in Kuwait. 
Services provided to EPC contractors include but not limited to

  • Prequalification assistance with all state owned companies and Ministries
  • Promote the sale of EPC services and products to end-users
  • Up to date information on upcoming projects in the territory
  • Introduction to customers & end users to maintain the fruitful business relationship
  • Guidance on current government regulations related to business in the territory
  • Follow-up tender preparation of targeted projects with end-users and provide periodic advise on progress
  • Ensure qualification is up to date ahead of Invitation to Bid of related tenders
  • Purchase tender document on behalf of principal EPC company
  • Key Support during proposal preparation with local information including estimated budget, local rates, and reasonable information in order to assist principal to be price competitive
  • Assistance during proposal submission to ensure related forms from different government agencies are included within proposal.
  • Provide feedback during proposal evaluation by end user including price ranking, competition participation and reasonable information on progress of technical evaluation
  • Safe guard the interest of principal company to win a tender provided technical compliance and price competitiveness
  • Establish necessary government file, as the local sponsor, to ensure work permits and residencies are available for principal company employees
  • Assistance during contract signing, negotiations with local banks, suppliers and subcontractors
  • Use every endeavor to facilitate timely payments to principal company from end users
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